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New Year, New Wines & a Wine Map

We are proud to welcome our new additions to our Nomadic family. A new winemaker from Cotes du Rhone and some additional Moroccan wines from a wellknown producer in the Meknes region. Additionaly we have begun to work with a number of new states in the country who have brought on the wines from Ouled Thaleb, one of the top wine producers in Morocco. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Indiana. We are so excited to be sharing our wines with you on the east coast and beyond!

Introducing Maison Plantevin: Meet Laurent. A young, driven and savy winemaker who after years of learning to make wine from his father bet his dad that he too could produce some quality cotes du rhones. He "borrowed" one hectar of his dads vineyards only to procure one tank of red wine. After winning numerous awards nationaly and internationaly we can admit that Laurent Plantevin knows what he is doing. With his organic farming and winemaking he is now producing 9 beautiful wines with structure and grace and a stellar dessert wine. We are so very happy to have him on board as a producer and look forward to showing off these fun finds.

This year we have also decided that it's time to re-create a better wine map of Morocco so that is in the works! We'll have all 14 AOGs and one AOC as well as the cities and mountainous regions. Stay tuned!

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