Who is Nomadic?

Nomadic Distribution was established in Los Angeles, California in 2011.​

We are an import and distribution company that seeks to explore the many regions of our wine making world and hope to bring back what we find to share with you. Our bottles come from the coast of Morocco to the backcountry of San Diego, to the hills of France and the heel of the boot. Our winemakers have the utmost respect for nature and intervene as little as possible to create the best expressions of their vineyards..








Please contact your local sales rep if you have any questions

or would like to schedule a tasting: 

Southern California
Didier Pariente: (970) 319-8440 - didier@nomadicdistribution.com
Marisa Brown: (310) 903-9021 - marisa@nomadicdistribution.com
Bill Fernandez: (323) 206-1967 - bigyuca@gmail.com
Adam Ghoubali: (310) 494-1307 - adam@nomadicdistribution.com

Northern California
Kristy Chappelow: (760) 845-6314 - kristy@nomadicdistribution.com


New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania

Max Gustashaw: (646) 639-2026 - max@nomadicdistribution.com

General Inquiries
Office: (301) 651-2046 - office@nomadicdistribution.com

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