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morocco rose wine cuvee premiere

Sparkling Blanc

morocco rose wine cuvee premiere

Sparkling Rosé

Sapere Aude is a hand crafted sparkling wine that is made for everyday drinking. It's signature dry, crisp, spice comes from a blend of Napa Valley Chardonnay, Riesling and Orange Muscat. A simple and clean sparkling hand crafted in the Cremant style, capped with an industrial bottle cap closure. Sapere Aude is a Latin term meaning "dare to know".


Winemaker Seth Cripe of Lola Wines learned in the Napa Valley tradition and studied in France; from the fields of Rutherford to the corporation of Caymus. Seth follows a natural path to winemaking, minimal intrusion and balance – between soil and climate, old world technique and technology, man and nature.  As one of the valley’s top young vintners, Seth has set out to create his version of the next generation of great California wines.

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