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UNIFIED FERMENTS Nilgiri Coonoor NV, USA (Non-Alcoholic)

UNIFIED FERMENTS Nilgiri Coonoor NV, USA (Non-Alcoholic)


All the tea comes from a women-led team in the Nilgiri mountains of southern India. The Nilgiri Coonoor offers several of the taste notes one might expect in an Assam or Darjeeling, but with a flinty, highly aromatic character with a subtle dried fruit sweetness. Our ferment unpacks and intensifies the piquant, peppery character of the tea while also boosting its intoxicating peach-like sweetness.
Think: coriander, candied orange peel, and medjool date.




Tea : Jasmine Green Tea Pearls

Other ingredients: Filtered water, Kombucha Starter,Sugar

Pairs with:  Saltwater fish, rich clear broths like pho or consomme

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