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UNIFIED FERMENTS Nilgiri Green NV, USA (Non-Alcoholic)

UNIFIED FERMENTS Nilgiri Green NV, USA (Non-Alcoholic)


Nilgiri green is radical take on the traditions of the area -produced as a green tea in a traditional Chinese style.  The tea is coming from women-led team in the Nilgiri mountains of southern India.


Brassy, dense, and verdant tea that shines with notes of pomegranate and orchid. Our ferment accentuates the complex tannic structure of the tea and brings it’s features together in an experience not unlike a skin-contact riesling. We aim for still, but there might be a little carbonation after a trip.



Tea : Nigiri Green Tea

Other ingredients: Sparkling water, Kombucha Starter,Sugar

Pairs with:   fresh greens, pork dishes

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