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UNIFIED FERMENTS Lapsang Souchong NV, USA (Non-Alcoholic)

UNIFIED FERMENTS Lapsang Souchong NV, USA (Non-Alcoholic)


Lapsang Souchoung is a mature, broad leaf tea processed by being finished over a pinewood fire. The result is a silky, luxurious, unapologetically smokey profile. Our ferment expresses lapsang’s characteristic velvety profile with nuanced tones of connifer, peat, sorghum, and a round lactic finish.


Tea :  Lapsang Souchoun Tea

Other ingredients: Sparkling water, Kombucha Starter,Sugar

Pairs with:  Cereal grains, wild fungi, bloody steaks, or anything that would pair nicely with a stiff plug of scotch.

* Best served with a slight chill*

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