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OLD WORLD WINERY Hummingbird Cider 2020, USA (Cidre)

OLD WORLD WINERY Hummingbird Cider 2020, USA (Cidre)


Certification : Regenerative

Grapes : Apples mixed : Granny Smith, Johnathan, Pippin, King, Winesap, Rome Beauty and Quince

Region : Sonoma, CA, USA

Vinification : The method of Bottle Conditioning is called Col Fondo. This method is the ancient method of Prosecco making and came to me through the late Ernesto Cattel of Costadilla who I originally met at the Raw Wine Fair in London. After a period of 12 months in barrel, fresh juice is added from the following vintage. The cider is then bottled and a second fermentation takes place in bottle to bring the bubbles. This combines the tertiary flavor qualities of barrel aging with the freshness of the juice to provide a more complex flavor experience.

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