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L'ARCHETIPO Marasco Brut Nature 2019, Italy (Spark White)

L'ARCHETIPO Marasco Brut Nature 2019, Italy (Spark White)


Certification : Organic

Grapes : 100% Maresco

Region : Puglia, Italy

Vinification : After destemming and soft crushing grapes, must ferments spontaneously, thanks to a pied de cuve of native yeasts, the only ones which increase the expression of their Terroir. After 40 days of alcoholic fermentation at low temperature, before total sugars depletion, fermenting must is transferred in stainless steel pressure tank, where the residual sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Wine is aging on lees, with continue battonage in these pressure tanks, in order to obtain a stable wine. Very low amount of sulphur dioxide added before bottling. Natural fining and stabilization, no fining agents added. No filtration.

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