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L'ARCHETIPO Sette Lune 2019, Italy (Skin Contact)

L'ARCHETIPO Sette Lune 2019, Italy (Skin Contact)


Certification : Organic, biodynamic practices, sustainable

Grapes : Verdeca

Region : Puglia, Italy

Vinification : After destemming and soft crushing grapes, must ferments spontaneously with grape skins, thanks to a pied de cuve of native yeasts, the only ones which increase the expression of our Terroir. After 7 months (7 lunar phases) of maceration with skins, in presence of carbon dioxide, which is produced during alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, wine is soft pressed in order to separate it from grape skins. The name “Verdeca sette lune” comes from production method, in fact Sette Lune in Italian means "Seven lunar phase". Natural fining and stabilization. No filtration. Very low addition of suflites before bottling.

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