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Mahia, a Moroccan distilled spirit made from figs and herbs. It literally translates to "water of life."

Nahmias et Fils mahia is distilled according to the age old recipe from David's Moroccan mother. David grew up in a family of Moroccan moonshine producers in a small town called Taznakht in the southern part of Morocco. Mahia was mainly produced by the Jewish population who sold their spirit to their rabbis and to the neighboring muslims in town.  David's mother taught him how to make the traditional fig spirit which he trys to copy as best he can. The figs are carefully selected before going through the fermentation and distillation process. It takes 5 pounds of figs to make one bottle of mahia. Kosher.


Distilled and bottled by Baron Nahmias in Yonkers, New York.

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Mahia Cocktail Recipes

Black, White & Fig

½ oz Mahia
1/4 oz simple syrup
splash lime or grapefruit juice
4 apple slices
5 cracks of pepper
Combine apple, pepper, and simple and muddle together in shaker. Add Ice, mahia and citrus. Shake strain over ice garnish with apple slice in a black pepper & sugar rimed glass

Night in Casablanca

2 oz Mahia
¼ oz bourbon
1 oz dry vermouth
peychauds or angostura bitters
sugar cube

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