CIVIC  WINERY Red Blend 2019 Applegate Valley, Oregon (red wine)

CIVIC WINERY Red Blend 2019 Applegate Valley, Oregon (red wine)


Certification: Biodynamic

Grapes: 50% Syrah/25% Grenache/25% Viognier

Region: Applegate Valley, Oregon

Soil: alluvial

Vinification: The grapes are sourced from Cowhorn Vineyard and hand harvested, and the Grenache and Viognier are destemmed before being placed in NOVUM amphorae with the whole cluster Syrah. The Syrah portion was added first, and each amphora was foot tread before layering Grenache and Viognier on top. Fermentation began spontaneously and cap management was performed daily throughout primary fermentation by folding the grapes back into the juice by hand. After fermentation completed, each amphora was sealed and oxygen was expelled, allowing the wine to reductively macerate on skins for another 25 days. After 40 days total on skins, each amphora was pressed, and the wine was returned to amphora to age five months before bottling.

Sulfites: No SO2 added

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